June 25, 2022

Brand Identity & Recognition

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Know Yourself First

How can your potential clients begin to like you if they don’t know who you are?

Know Yourself First

If you think your brand is just a logo or some colors and a tag line, you’re wrong. When you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, or blogger; you are your brand. Think about the way you speak, connect, and relate to other people. All of that is part of your brand. 

Your personality should come through in your brand images.

If you’re funny and sarcastic or warm and friendly, think about how that comes across to your audience and how you can illustrate that visually. Your brand photos should help people visualize what it might be like to work with you & hang out with you. 

Your Brand Identity

Your online identity, which includes (at the very least) your logo, color scheme, and fonts(s), all have to work together to create an integrated personality. The visual part of your brand is the fastest way that clients, that maybe on the fence, get an idea about your business or who you are, so it’s important that you let them see what makes you stand out.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a strong brand identity. Hiring a professional designer is one way to go about it, but certainly not the only option. Even if you're just starting out a professional headshot can go a long way.

Your Headshot

The first step is to make sure you have a high-quality photo of yourself, ideally taken by a professional. This is a very simple way to let viewers get to know you. Something as simple as putting a photo of yourself on your website or social page. Here are some tips for ensuring that your personality comes through in your headshot.

What To Wear?

Wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that shows your style. Don’t wear a button up shirt if you’re a casual person. Of course you should look your best, but you should also look like you.

Clothing is an extension of personality, just like your personal brand is. Fashion uses the body as a canvas you design on. Your personal branding photo session combines your brand and style, so what you wear needs to represent both.

Location, Location...

Choose a location that reflects something about you. If you’re really a bartender like, LaBre here then, take your photo somewhere relevant to a bar, maybe even a kitchen area. If you’re a homebody, then curl up on your couch and take a few there. Just make sure that the background and your surroundings are not too busy. You should be the main focus. 

It's A Lifestyle

It’s important that you look natural in your photo. The point of this is for people to get to know you, so be yourself. Avoid posing too much. Pretend like that camera in your face is one of your closest friends. Sitting down over a cup of coffee with your photographer is a great way to help you feel more comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

Makeup Tips

Makeup for a personal branding photo session is a little different. The idea is to emphasize your features without overstating the makeup. Also, there’s the camera to consider. Makeup always looks different on camera than it does in the mirror. Your makeup artist should be able to give you a timeframe so you can build your photoshoot morning schedule. Remember to build in commute time. Otherwise, I have a list of people my previous clients have used and adored.

Showcase Skills

Once you have a professional-looking photo of yourself, put it on your website. It should go on your about page with your bio and ideally on your homepage too. I was resistant to putting my photo on my homepage initially, but a business mentor recommended I do it. I’m glad I listened because it’s a great way to build trust and likeability right out of the gate. Stay tune and I'll give you the best ways to use your brand photos.

Skills sound like they’re hard to showcase, however, a good personal branding photographer can help solve the problem with some psychology, props, and vision.