June 17, 2022

Bloom @ 601 Spring

Social Events

An Invitation...

I got a call,

Mrs. Tab called and asked if I would mind assisting with photography for an event in the area. I'll be honest the way she described the event sounded like something I'd attended frequently while living in Texas. A vendor networking event!

As a member of Denton Boss Babes Community the goal was to meet other vendors and industry professionals. Planners, florist, venue owners, baker, EVERYONE! We got together once a month or so, and talked about things going on within the industry and got to know one another.

I loved this in Texas because often times as vendors we see each other in passing while setting up and/or breaking down a wedding or event. Like we are pretty sure these are cool people but we're putting our best foot foward to bring our clients big day forward. So these vendor networking events were always a go to for me. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity!! The event was hosted by Lani Bailey at the gorgeous 601 Spring Event Venue. I shot an event there by once called Gather. But that another story, for now just know it was AWESOME!

After Listening To Lani...

I soon realized she noticed the same thing I had. This isn't something that happens much in Shreveport unless its a bridal show or something. I know I travel to the DFW frequently to attend such things. I'm still a member of the Boss Babe Community because these interactions are so important. Especially as vendors and creatives. I am so glad Lani saw a need and filled it so swiftly and beautifully.

There Is So Much Talent,

there is so much creativity, and so many connections in these types of events. Even a styled shoot is a beneficial networking event because like this one it gives an opportunity for vendors to not only showcase their personal brands but also to acknowledge the work and brands of some other locals that we work right beside regularly at weddings and other events, without the pressure of trying to upsell. I truly can't wait until the next one.